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Updates to Risk Management Process


WA Youth Soccer updated its risk management policy for background checks in May of last year with the help of Kendra Comeau, attorney at Wilson Smith Cochran Dickerson; Kendra has extensive experience advising youth organizations on risk management topics. Please see the policy below for reference.

The major change we are implementing now is in regard to the minors background check process. Minors will still be required to apply for their RMA through Affinity in order to volunteer or referee however, they will no longer have a national background check run as part of their application. Instead, they will upload a letter of recommendation from an adult to attest to their character. Please see below “Minor Disclosure Form” to view the template of the letter. The document upload feature will be similar to the age verification document and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Act training certificate upload features already available in Affinity.

Also below are step by step guides on how to complete the minor background check (for minor volunteers and minor referees) with this new process.

This does not affect any minors who are currently RMA approved, it is just for those who are applying for a new background check. This change will go into effect starting July 1, 2017.

Background Check Policy for Applicants

Minor Disclosure Form

RMA Instructions for Minor Volunteers

RMA Instructions for Minor Referees



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