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BU11 FWMSC Lions-Brdr 5x     BU11 Silver Lake Bombers-Brdr 5x
BU12 BYSC Invisible Fish-Brdr 5x     BU12 FWFC Thundebolts-Brdr 5x
BU13 NYSA United Goal Rush-Brdr 5x     BU13 BIFC Bulldogs-Brdr 5x
BU14 Vancouver West FC United-Brdr 5x     BU14 Redmond 99 Fireballs-Brdr 5x
BU15 Harbor Sounders-Brdr 5x     BU15 Vancouver United Cheetahs FC-Brdr 5x
BU16 Frostbite FC-Brdr 5x     BU16 NK Adrenaline-Brdr 5x
BU17 Altrec FC-Brdr 5x     BU17 Fall City Rovers-Brdr 5x
BU18-19 Vancouver West Millenium-Brdr 5x     BU18-19 Firehawks-Brdr 5x
GU11 Kirkland Cheetahs-Brdr 5x     GU11 Terrace Brier Dynamite-Brdr 5x
GU12 SLSC Blueberries-Tm-Brdr 5x     GU12 FME Yellow Jackets-Tm-Brdr 5x
GU13 Tracyton Havoc-Brdr 5x     GU13 TBSC Sounders-Brdr 5x
GU14 Montesano Renegades-Brdr 5x     GU14 FWFC G99 Strikers-Brdr 5x
GU15 Daredevils-Brdr 5x     GU15 Tracyton Tigers-Brdr 5x
GU16 Vortex-Brdr 5x     GU16 LSDSC Rugrats FC-Brdr 5x
GU17 E96 Cheetahs-Brdr 5x     GU17 FWFC G96 Spirit-Brdr 5x
GU18-19 North Bend Fusion-Brdr 5x     GU18-19 Vancouver West Pumas-Brdr 5x
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