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SUNDAY UPDATE: Founders Cup Revised Schedule

February 9, 2014 09:40 AM

**UPDATED - 2/9/14 1:00 pm**

Due to travel and field conditions, Sunday's Founders Cup schedule is as follows.  Any games not listed will be rescheduled at a later date.

  • U15 Girls - 1:00 pm on Field 3
  • U17 Boys - 2:00 pm on Field 1
  • U12 Girls - 3:00 pm on Field 2
  • U18/19 Boys - 3:00 pm on Field 3
  • U11 Boys - 3:15 on Field 9
  • U14 Girls - 5:00 pm on Field 3


All Founders Cup championship matches that were not played today need to be rescheduled with the home team hosting. Due to various school district winter breaks, games should be played as soon as possible.  Please email Matt Moran with time, location and field number at so Washington Youth Soccer representatives can attend and arrange award ceremonies.

Any other questions should be directed to Matt at the email above or at 253-944-1619.





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