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Risk Management Application (RMA)

The Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Application must be filled out completely and properly submitted before any volunteer may begin working as a volunteer or employee of Washington Youth Soccer.
All WA Youth Soccer volunteers assigned to WA Youth Soccer sanctioned activities (including league games, State Cup, and local tournaments) must have an approved national background check in Affinity.
Background check process general information:
  • The driver's license state and driver's license ID number are now required fields. This returns a more accurate background check and prevents false positives for applicants with common names.
  • Organization name and role fields are required. In order for clubs and associations to access records for volunteers, the correct organization name and role fields should be selected. This creates an "application" or a record under your club and association. If a volunteer applies and picks the wrong organization, contact WA Youth Soccer for assistance in updating the record.
  • Coaches must have a completed and approved RMA status before being able to take any coaching education courses.


Process for WA Youth Soccer Volunteers

The link to Affinity for background checks for WA Youth Soccer volunteers is rma.volunteer.washingtonyouthsoccer.org. This URL will redirect to the risk management system in Affinity.
For those who have created Affinity accounts for State Cup, the same username and password will be your login. If you have forgotten your password, use this link to recover your password: http://wys-bgc.affinitysoccer.com/public/forgotpassword.asp?sessionguid.


Process for Referees

USSF registered referees (*) who are in good standing with the Washington State Referee Committee (SRC) are no longer required to have current Washington Youth Soccer (WYS) Risk Management Application (RMA) clearance.

(*) Referees includes referees, assignors, assessors, instructors, and referee administrative staff.


Risk Management Appeals


Anyone who is rejected will receive written notification sent by certified mail informing them of their rejection and their right to an appeal.

The written notification will include:

  • Rejection/suspension letter
  • Copy of the Fair Trade Act
  • Copy of Background Check results
  • Copy of “Background check policy for Washington Youth Soccer employees, volunteers, and affiliated referees”

The disqualified individual has ten (10) calendar days from the receipt of the notice of disqualification to submit an appeal in writing to the Washington Youth Soccer State Office.

Anyone who fails to appeal in writing to the Washington Youth Soccer State Office within ten (10) calendar days of the receipt of the written notification will be considered disqualified from participation with the Washington Youth Soccer. They may re-apply for risk management after one (1) full year from the initial application date. To re-apply, the Adult Applicant must submit a letter to the Washington Youth Soccer Board of Directors seeking consideration of his or her request.

If anyone has any pending charges, the Risk Management Director may disqualify the individual after a preliminary review. The individual will receive a letter of disqualification which will stand until a determination has been made by the appropriate legal court system and/or the Risk Management Director determines that the matter has been resolved. After this determination is made, the individual has the right to appeal his/her disqualification within 30 calendar days. The individual forfeits all rights to appeal if a written request of appeal is not received by Washington Youth Soccer within the allotted time period.


Risk Management Appeals Procedures


Once the written notification of the appeal is received, an appeal hearing date will be established at the discretion of Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Director.

The hearing board will include the Washington Youth Soccer Member Services and Program Director and two representatives from the Board of Directors.

A disqualified individual may send materials to the Washington Youth Soccer State Office to be reviewed by the hearing board. All materials must be received five (5) business days before your hearing date.

All hearing board members present at the meeting may vote.

A vote will be taken by the hearing board members in a private session and the decision will be relayed in written form to the individual no later than 10 business days from the date of the meeting.

The hearing board members may rule in the following ways:

  • Reinstate the Individual
  • Uphold the initial decision reached by the Risk Management Director
  • Reverse the initial decision reached by the Risk Management Director

The hearing board members have the exclusive right to determine the terms of reinstatements and the terms of disqualifications.

Risk Management Resources

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