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Risk Management Application (RMA)

The Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Application must be filled out completely and properly submitted before any volunteer may begin working as a volunteer or employee of Washington Youth Soccer.
All WA Youth Soccer volunteers and referees assigned to WA Youth Soccer sanctioned activities (including league games, State Cup, and local tournaments) must have an approved national background check in Affinity.
The new background check system features some changes from our previous background check process:
  • The wavier that is signed by each applicant has been updated to reflect the changes in the background check process. This includes the types of records accessed and new language to cover minors and adults. The new waiver language will be in place when the application links are made public on
  • Minor applicants will require an electronic signature by the applicant's parent/guardian. We are working with Affinity on a feature to display additional fields, specific to minors, on the waiver agreement - more information to come. This will not require parent/guardian accounts.
  • The driver's license state and driver's license ID number are now required fields. This returns a more accurate background check and prevents false positives for applicants with common names. If the applicant is a minor, they should type in "MINOR" into the driver's license field.
  • Organization name and role fields are required. In order for clubs and associations to access records for volunteers, the correct organization name and role fields should be selected. This creates an "application" or a record under your club and association. If a volunteer applies and picks the wrong organization, contact WA Youth Soccer for assistance in updating the record.
  • Referees and WA Youth Soccer volunteers will apply to separate links. If an applicant is both a WA Youth Soccer volunteer and a referee, they should apply through the volunteer link.
  • Referees will be required to pay a $6 fee. WA Youth Soccer volunteers will receive free background checks as a result of the player fee increase dedicated to risk management. If a WA Youth Soccer volunteer is also a referee, Affinity will reconcile duplicate requests and no fee will be processed.


Process for WA Youth Soccer Volunteers

The link to Affinity for background checks for WA Youth Soccer volunteers is This URL will redirect to the risk management system in Affinity.
For those who have created Affinity accounts for State Cup, the same username and password will be your login. If you have forgotten your password, use this link to recover your password:


Process for Referees

Because we require referees to be risk management approved through WA Youth Soccer to be assigned to our sanctioned competitions, we have created a process for referees to apply for background checks.
Referees have a separate background check application link: This URL will redirect to the risk management system for referees in Affinity.
There will be a flat $6 fee required to submit the background check application for referees - this includes the background check fee and risk management administration, as well as credit card processing fees.
For referees who created Affinity accounts for State Cup, the same username and password will be their login. If they have forgotten their password, use this link to recover their password:
If an applicant is a referee and a club, association, or district volunteer, the applicant should apply through the volunteer link and list the club, association, or district that they are volunteering with. A referee that is also a registered volunteer to a local organization will not have to pay $6 for their background check. Affinity will have a duplicate record prompt that will prevent the background check from running a second time.

Risk Management Resources

Document Description Post Date
Guidelines for Movable Soccer Goal Safety .PDF Document Jan 17, 2012
US Youth Soccer KidSafe Program .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
US Youth Soccer Risk Management Overview .PDF Document Jan 12, 2012
Results: 13 Record(s) Found.


Risk Management Appeals

A special Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Appeals Committee has been formed to administer the Risk Management Appeals process as per Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Operating Documents.
When an individual has been excluded from participation within Washington Youth Soccer, they have the right to one appeal to the Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Appeals Committee.
The appeal must be filed in writing to the Washington Youth Soccer office within ten (10) days of receipt of the rejection letter from Washington Youth Soccer. Upon receipt of said appeals request, a neutral, non-soccer committee will be convened to hold the appeals hearing with the Risk Management Appeals Director.
Once the committee has confirmed participation and the date set, a certified letter will be sent to the Appellant, notifying said person of the hearing date and location. Normally, notification will sent at least one (1) week prior to the scheduled date.
The Appellant is required to attend the Risk Management Hearing and provide testimony and be available to respond to questions from the Committee. The individual may provide additional documents in support of their position.
Hearing Procedures – The hearing will be taped for a confidential transcript of hearing. The Appellant is given one (1) minute to provide opening statements to committee, committee then proceeds to get clarification on matters of record, both written and oral. Upon completion of testimony, the Appellant is then given one (1) minute for closing comments to Committee. Appellant will then be dismissed and leave the office. Committee will deliberate and make a decision based upon the evidence provided. A certified Letter will be sent out within 48 hours of completion of hearing, notifying the Appellant of the decision of the Committee.
The Committee’s decision is final.


Summary of Risk Management Hearing Procedures

  1. Receipt of Washington Youth Soccer Risk Management Director’s Certified Letter of Exclusion of Participation
  2. Within ten (10) days, the individual files a written request for an Appeal Hearing to the Washington Youth Soccer State Office.
  3. Upon receipt of said request, certified letter sent to Appellant notifying of the scheduled Appeal Hearing.
  4. Attendance by the Appellant at the hearing is required.
  5. All Risk Management Appeals Hearings will be held at the Washington Youth Soccer State Office, unless the circumstances deems otherwise.
  6. The Appeals Committee will forward a certified letter on the results of that hearing to the Appellant, The State President, the Risk Management Director, the District Commissioner and the Association President for where the Appellant was participating.


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