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About Risk Management & Safety

Washington Youth Soccer’s Risk Management program is in place to identify and assess potential risks for our soccer community and to then monitor and minimize the probability and/or impact those risks could pose.

Managing risk ranges from making sure all players wear shin guards to providing background checks for all of our volunteers, coaches and staff.  Our Risk Management Program includes the US Youth Soccer’s Kids Safe Program which provides guidelines for creating the safest possible environment for our players and the Washington Youth Soccer Insurance Program. 

The objectives of the Washington Youth Soccer Kids Safe Program and the Washington Youth Soccer Insurance Program are:
  • To review and recommend policies and procedures to ensure the safety of our participants
  • To establish secure records and maintain the background check information program for volunteers, employees and others who are entrusted with the supervision and care of players and participants, including financial care
  • To provide secondary medical coverage for injuries incurred during participation in Washington Youth Soccer activities
  • To provide policy recommendations and education for Washington Youth Soccer Member Associations to minimize liabilities and other manageable risks including financial risk

For more information on abuse prevention, click here.

If you need to complete a background check, please visit our Risk Management Application page to the left.

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