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DARM Report

The Disciplinary Action and Risk Management Report (DARM) is published monthly by US Youth Soccer. DARM reports are an effective and efficient tool for all membership, to assist all in defining and communicating expected behavior under the RMA program. Washington Youth Soccer is diligent in their fiduciary responsibilities to help evade the treats of harm to its participants. All information provided includes only discipline of three months or more or termination of membership or ban on membership. 

If you have additional question about the DARM report please contact Keli Bitow at


DARM Reports

Document Description Post Date
DARM Report - August 2019 .XLSX Document Aug 13, 2019
DARM Report - June 2019 .XLSX Document Jul 19, 2019
DARM Report - July 2019 .XLSX Document Jul 18, 2019
DARM Report - May 2019 .XLSX Document May 14, 2019
DARM Report - April 2019 .XLSX Document Apr 12, 2019
DARM Report - March 2019 .XLSX Document Mar 18, 2019
DARM Report - February 2019 .XLSX Document Feb 12, 2019
DARM Report - January 2019 .XLSX Document Jan 17, 2019
DARM Report - December 2018 .XLSX Document Dec 12, 2018
DARM Report - November 2018 .XLSX Document Nov 19, 2018
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