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Nonprofit Resources


501(c)(3) Status

IRS Charities & Non-Profits Website

Applying for 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Status

IRS Stay Exempt: Tax Basics for Exempt Organizations - This is the very user-friendly site the IRS has set up, which features interactive workshops and mini-courses, as well as resource documents.

Exempt Organization Select Check - Search for Charities on IRS Website 


WA Nonprofit Corporation Status

WA Secretary of State Website - The Washington Secretary of State is where an organization registers as a nonprofit corporation and also for charitable status, and you can search for businesses to see if the organization has a current listing.

Renew a WA Nonprofit Corporation Online

Wayfind Legal Resources for WA Nonprofits


General Nonprofit Board Resources

CompassPoint is another great resource and they have a free, interactive video on the basics of serving on a nonprofit board.

The WA Secretary of State’s office has assembled some educational resources for charities.

The WA Secretary of State’s office also links to the handouts used for the nonprofit symposiums that are put on around Washington State.

Jurassic Parliament is an organization that trains boards how to function better and they also have some free resources on their website about how to run meetings, the duties of a board chair, etc.
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