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Washington Youth Soccer provides Certificate of Insurance for soccer fields in a variety of locations, including those owned by schools, parks, and private entities. Certificates of Insurance are issued to Associations not Clubs.

To request a copy of a certificate of liability please email Keli Bitow at with the following information
  • Your member Association (example: Seattle Youth Soccer Association)
  • The Facility's Name (example: Quest Field)
  • The Facility's Address (example: 123 First Place, Suite 101, Seattle, WA 98123)
  • The Reason for the request (example: practice field, association/club meeting, tournament field, etc.)

IMPORTANT: If you are a club requesting a copy of a certificate, please contact your Association before requesting a copy of a certificate from the state. Associations are sent copies of all previously requested certificates at the beginning of each season, so chances are they already have the certificate of liability insurance your are requiring. If the Association does not have a copy, please CC your Association registrar so Anya can respond to both you and the Association, that way both parties have a copy of the certificate.

A copy of the certificate of liability insurance will be emailed back to you within 2 business days.


Insurance Coverage


One registration requirement is payment of player registration fees. The Washington Youth Soccer portion of the registration fee covers the cost of national membership, state operating expenses and a secondary insurance policy. This is the reason that all players must be registered before being allowed to participate in any Washington Youth Soccer activity.

The Washington Youth Soccer Insurance Program is valid for only sanctioned youth soccer activities. All injuries to be claimed against the insurance program must be completely reported on the proper insurance claim form. Any pre-existing physical, mental, sensory or emotional condition for which medical or therapeutic treatment or services were first recommended or rendered prior to an injury for which a claim is made under the Washington Youth Soccer insurance policy, may be subject to exclusion from coverage under the policy unless a physician’s written permission to participate is furnished prior to the covered activity.

To learn more and to submit an insurance medical claim, visit the Insurance Medical Claim Process page.

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