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Nonprofit governance focuses primarily on the fiduciary responsibility that a board of directors has with respect to the exercise of authority over the explicit public trust that is understood to exist between the mission of an organization and those whom the organization serves. Washington Youth Soccer and each of our member organizations may have started as soccer organizations but we have thrived because we are nonprofits that have demonstrated to our community that we are here to serve a vital need – we believe in the game of soccer as a vehicle to create better people through the physical, mental, and emotional development that is fostered through our sport and our supporters.


As a nonprofit organization, Washington Youth Soccer believes that good governance is founded upon bylaws that are shaped by nonprofit best practices while addressing the needs of our membership. Beginning in September 2011, the Washington Youth Soccer Board of Directors began a proposed bylaws amendment process. The proposed bylaws amendments were put forward by the Board of Directors in order to provide a model document for our member organizations to use as they begin to address their own governing documents and to help Washington Youth Soccer ensure that we continue to serve our mission through having clear, readable governing documents.

The proposed bylaws amendments were posted in December 2011 and Washington Youth Soccer staff and Board Directors hosted conferences calls, webinars, and in-person meetings to provide opportunities for all members to be a part of the process. The board voted to approve the amendments in April 2012 with many amendments being directly influenced by the comments of our members.

Membership Advisory Committee


The Membership Advisory Committee (MAC) is a standing governance committee whose purpose is to help Member Associations maintain their legal membership status in Washington Youth Soccer. The MAC is an advisory committee to the Washington Youth Soccer Board of Directors (BOD). The MAC was established by the bylaws amendments that were approved on April 4, 2012; the committee description document, approved by the Board of Directors at their meeting on May 18, 2012, can be found in the Governing Documents category of Forms & Downloads.

During the 2013 Washington Youth Soccer Annual Player Fee Meeting, the WA Youth Soccer Council (comprised of Member Association Representatives, the WA Youth Soccer Board of Directors and District Commissioners) voted to approve the candidates for positions on the Membership Advisory Committee for 2013:


District 1:

Phil Herold, President, Seattle Youth Soccer Association
Ellen Hawks, Member at Large, Washington Rush Soccer Club, North County Youth Soccer Association

District 3:

If you would like to submit a nomination for your District, please contact the District 3 Commissioner

District 4:

Lloyd Hansen, former District 4 1st Alternate Commissioner, Tracyton Soccer Club

Region 5:

If you would like to submit a nomination for your District, please contact the Region 5 Director of Member Services

District 6 :

Tom MacDougall, Vice President, District 6 Board of Directors (interim)
Tina Varey, Treasurer, Pullman Youth Soccer Association, Secretary, District 6 Board of Directors (interim)

District 7:

Phil Spence, Grays Harbor Foothills Youth Soccer Association representative to D7, former Foothills Youth Soccer Association President

At Large:

Jan Phillips, Former District 1 Commissioner and WA Youth Soccer Board Member

WA Youth Soccer Board of Directors:

Greg Rogers
Patrick Madden

Now Accepting Additional Nominations

We are still accepting nominations for the interim committee. District Commissioners shall submit two (2) recommendations from their District as candidates for the interim MAC. If you would like to submit a nomination for your District, please contact your District Commissioner and include candidates’ names, contact information, and a short resume.



To view all Washington Youth Soccer governing documents, including the draft documents from the bylaws amendments process that began in September 2011, view the governing documents resources below. The documents have been updated as the board and the membership have progressed through this process; therefore, the documents published are still posted in order to maintain a historical record of this process and are not reflective of the current document drafts.

Document Description Post Date
WA Youth Soccer Conflict of Interest Policy .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Voting Procedures for BOD Elections .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Memorandum - Revisions to Proposed WA Youth Soccer Bylaws Amendments .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Memorandum – Legal Membership in WA Nonprofit Corporations .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Member Association Compliance Checklist .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Member Association Annual Certification Form .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Proposed Bylaws Amendments Frequently Asked Questions .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Detailed List of Proposed Amendments to WA Youth Soccer Bylaws .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Board Member Nominating Criteria .PDF Document Dec 20, 2011
District Commissioner Roles and Responsibilities .PDF Document Oct 17, 2011
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