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WYS Header 16 - Administrators

The administrators’ page provides resources for our member organizations and anyone working in administration for a WA Youth Soccer organization. This includes Board Members, Registrars, Secretaries, volunteer and paid office staff, Tournament Directors, etc. 

Here you will find all the forms and guidelines you need for registration, news updates, best practices for running your organization, insurance information, judicial information and more. 

If you have any questions or would like to suggest an additional resource, please visit the contact page to the left. Thank you for working to bring soccer to the youth of Washington!

Document Description Post Date
Voting Procedures for BOD Elections .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Memorandum – Legal Membership in WA Nonprofit Corporations .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Member Association Compliance Checklist .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
Member Association Annual Certification Form .PDF Document Jan 27, 2012
NHTSA Rollover Warning .PDF Document Jan 23, 2012
US Youth Soccer KidSafe Program .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
US Youth Soccer Top 10 Insurance Claims .PDF Document Jan 13, 2012
US Youth Soccer Guidelines for Financial Management .PDF Document Jan 13, 2012
Accident and Liability Insurance FAQs .PDF Document Jan 13, 2012
US Youth Soccer Risk Management Overview .PDF Document Jan 12, 2012
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