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Parent Resources

Thank you for considering participating in TOPSoccer. TOPSoccer enables people, 4 years and up with physical and/or developmental disabilities, to play soccer! Our system promotes personal development and is designed to improve social skills and overall fitness in a fun and safe soccer environment. Through our Buddy program, your player is paired with an on-the-field buddy who assists your player through adapted activities that meet their ability and skill. Our goal is to create on-the-field success for every player in an environment that focuses on the enjoyment of the game.

Please read the resources below and welcome to our community!

Coach/Buddy Resources

Thank you for your participation in TOPSoccer. Your time and dedication is highly valued and Washington Youth Soccer recognizes the instrumental role you have in creating a positive environment for our players. For more information regarding Coaching Clinics and the TOPSoccer Coaches Certification please check out the Coaching Education page!

Please use the resources below to learn more about the coaching resources available for TOPSoccer. 

Document Description Post Date
Risk Management Application Instructions - Minor Volunteers .PDF Document Apr 18, 2018
TOPSoccer Local Program Contacts .PDF Document Apr 20, 2017
TOPSoccer Volunteer Opportunities .PDF Document Feb 18, 2015
TOPSoccer's Impact: Washington Youth Soccer - PALAESTRA .PDF Document Sep 10, 2013
TOPSoccer Coaching Manual .PDF Document Apr 20, 2012
TOPSoccer Rules of Competition .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Atlanto-Axial Instability Assumption of Liability Form .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Starting a TOPSoccer Program .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
TOPSoccer Parents Guide .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Facts About TOPSoccer .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Impact of TOPSoccer .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Guia para los Padres del Programa de TOPSoccer .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Advantages of Involvement in TOPSoccer .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
TOPSoccer Activity App .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
The TOPSoccer Buddy .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
The TOPSoccer Coach .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Planning Your TOPSoccer Session .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Coach/Buddy Training Opportunities .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Adaptive Coaching for TOPSoccer .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
TOPSoccer AAI Form .PDF Document Oct 18, 2011
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