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About TOPSoccer

The Outreach Program for Soccer (TOPSoccer) is our program for players 4 years of age and older who have developmental and/or physical disabilities. The program is based on skill level, not age, and participants include players, coaches and buddies – volunteers who are paired with each player to assist with the game.

TOPSoccer creates an opportunity for players with disabilities to be part of the soccer community, where they grow emotionally and physically and where their families, coaches and buddies connect to share in the joy of playing soccer.  

TOPSoccer programs are community-run programs at the local level – we currently have 23 programs located throughout the state – for a full listing, visit our Registration page. If you are interested in starting a local program, email Terry Fisher at



Volunteers – become a TOPSoccer coach or buddy or help run a program in your area
Players – ages 4 and up with developmental and/or physical disabilities


To volunteer, visit our Volunteer Opportunities page or play with a TOPSoccer program, visit our Registration page.



TOPSoccer creates an environment where all participants make lasting memories and forge meaningful community connections and simply have fun with the game.
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