About Soccer In Schools

The Soccer in Schools program goal is to offer students the opportunity to learn about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle through the enjoyment of playing soccer. The In Class Programs and After School Programs are provided in partnership with your local youth soccer club who use their youth development expertise to help students create a healthy lifestyle through soccer. For the Washington Youth Soccer Clubs and Associations, this program offers the opportunity to connect with your local youth populations by introducing them to the wonderful sport of soccer

In-Class Program

In a PE classroom setting that facilitates interaction, the In-Class Program pairs soccer education with topics such as fitness, nutrition, and social awareness for a rounded educational experience. In meeting the basic fitness and health Essential Academic Learning Requirements (EALRs), the In Class program engages students in discussions on health around an easily relatable and fun topic: soccer!

After-School Program

The After-School Program is a soccer specific, short-term after-school program where students are exposed to the basic skills of soccer such as passing, dribbling and shooting. This program focuses on kids having fun and exercising through playing the game of soccer and is held on school grounds, eliminating the need for transportation to participate. This program is generally once a week for four weeks or as determined between the school and the youth soccer club.

Teacher and Coaching Education

Washington Youth Soccer runs numerous coaching education courses, workshops, and seminars throughout the year and across the state that range from specialized seminars to certificate and licensing courses. For details on our coaching education course calendar and to find a program in your area, visit the Technical Zone of our website.