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Volunteer Positions


This position is great for students, family members, and anyone interested in coaching. Duties include supervision of players during snack time, assisting the coaches run the activities and scrimmages, and acting as a positive role model at all times during Soccer for Success Events. Children in first through sixth grade are at a very impressionable point in their lives, and being surrounded by compassionate, patient, humble, confident adults is of utmost importance for their development. As a volunteer, you will be a leader in children’s lives, and your impact will last much longer than this season. We ask our volunteers to commit to at least one day a week for the 12 weeks of the season.

Event Volunteer

This position is great for family members, school administrators, and anyone interested in event planning and execution. Duties include set-up, take-down, and operations for several large scale events throughout the season. One of the pillars of this program is community and family engagement. The way we meet this goal is to host several events that connect our program with families and our families with the community. These events are important for developing family and community support, as well as connecting children with resources to better their lives outside of the school’s opportunities. We ask volunteers to commit to helping with the planning and executing of at least one event for the season.

Research Assistant

This position is great for students, family members, and anyone interested in research and data. Duties include assisting our coaches and researchers take measurements and supervise children during exercises so that our program can get precise results from our research. Besides the great lessons and fun soccer, Soccer for Success is part of a national push to introduce more soccer-based after-school programs into our country’s public school system. Currently, the Corporation for National and Community Service is sponsoring a research project to see exactly how effective our program is in meeting its goal of making kids healthy, happy and successful in their endeavors.

We ask our Research Volunteers to commit to assisting our researchers for one or more data collection procedures.

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