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Soccer for Success

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Give the Gift of Soccer & Win $5,000!

111517 Foundation Raffle
The Washington Youth Soccer Foundation is holding a 50/50 raffle to benefit the Soccer for Success program, which provides mentorship through youth soccer in low-income communities in Washington.
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WA Youth Soccer Foundation Fundraiser

053117_WYS Foundation CLeague Final
Watch the UEFA Champions League final and support the WA Youth Soccer Foundation and Soccer for Success!​
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Soccer for Success - AmeriCorps Program Lead

042517_AmeriCorps SfS
Soccer for Success is the U.S. Soccer Foundation’s free after school program to promote healthy lifestyles through the sport of soccer. The program operates for 90 minutes after school, three days per week, at 10 low-income elementary schools in South Seattle. Participants receive free, quality soccer programming that includes lessons on nutrition and the importance of being active. Kids also receive free healthy snacks, shin guards, jerseys, and balls...
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State Dept. of Health Investigation on Crumb-rubber Fields

012317_Crumb rubber
A State Department of Health investigation found that exposure did not pose a higher risk, but players and parents can take precautions...
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Soccer West

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