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Travel Guidelines

Players that are asked to travel are expected to:
  • Travel in clean and neat attire; training jacket, white polo, khaki slacks
  • Be on time; show cooperation, respect and maturity
  • Carry ID along with a carry-on with uniform, shoes and guards
  • Check-in with team administrator
  • Refrain from misconduct (see Code of Conduct) be respectful in a manner that is befitting yourself and EPD.
  • Buddy system at all times (3 or more)
  • Player’s are not allowed to leave the premises (dorms, hotel, fields) alone or without permission from the team administrator
  • Request to leave an event early must be in writing and signed by parent or guardian
  • At no time shall foul and abusive language nor derogatory remarks or gestures be allowed.
  • At no time shall a player leave the playing area or abandon their team without prior notification to the coach and team administrator
  • Be supportive and respectful of your teammates and administrators and follow the specific expressed guidelines
  • No drugs or alcohol at anytime

The Code of Conduct is strictly observed and it is the responsibility of the player to know and understand the rules of conduct. We will not tolerate any inappropriate behavior regardless of the situation. Any variance to the code of conduct is cause for immediate dismissal from the program.

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