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2014-2015 Coaching Staff


Boys Coaching Staff

2004 - Head Coach: Todd Stauber Assistant Coach: Neil O'Brien
2003 - Head Coach: Rich Unsworth Assistant Coach: Brayton Knapp
2002 - Head Coach: Andrew Croft  
2001 - Head Coach: Paul Bayly Assistant Coach: Bastien Catrin
2000 - Head Coach: Andy Machin Assistant Coach: Kevin Sekuda
1999 - Head Coach: Matt Dorman Assistant Coaches: Gary Osterhage and Ron Feary
1998 - Head Coach: Julio Morales Assistant Coach: Todd Veenhuizen


Girls Coaching Staff

2004 -   Head Coach: Ryan Dortch Assistant Coach: Andrew Dortch
2003 - Head Coach: Michael Donne Assistant Coach: Kevin Skinner
2002 - Head Coach: Miranda Armstrong Assistant Coach: Kim Calkins and Chalise Baysa
2001 - Head Coach: Jamie Giger Assistant Coach: Niki Taylor
2000 - Head Coach: Scott Ford Assistant Coaches: Brendan Faherty
1999 - Head Coach: Malia Arrant Assistant Coach: Lyndsey Patterson
1998 - Head Coach: Hubie Busby Assistant Coach: M'ily Reiter

Director of Goalkeeping: Sean Connors


Virginia Mason

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