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About Portland Metro League

The Portland Metro League is a collaboration by Washington Youth Soccer and Oregon Youth Soccer that will provide a competitive league focusing on regional "like vs. like" play in Southwest Washington and the Portland Metro area. All District 5 Washington Youth Soccer teams are eligible for play in the league.


Benefits of Playing in the Portland Metro League

  • The PML is sanctioned by US Youth Soccer, qualifying participating teams for the Washington Youth Soccer State Cup Tournaments (Founders Cup, Challenge Cup, and Washington State Championships) 
  • Like vs Like Brackets, no need to start in a lower division and work your way up over several years
  • Registration, Schedules, Rosters, and Discipline are all in one system, Affinity 
  • Individual awards for each division champion
  • Teams are able to make special requests (i.e., no Sunday games) and the league strives to accommodate a wide range of special scheduling requests
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