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To the Membership of Washington Youth Soccer,

Washington Youth Soccer is seeking members to join our Respect Campaign Committee. We at Washington Youth Soccer are committed to changing the climate of youth soccer so that respect infuses every aspect of the game. We are looking for members from our community to join the committee. If you are passionate about building an atmosphere of respect for our youth that promotes the positive aspects that the game of soccer can bring to their lives please consider joining this committee, or passing this notice to someone you recommend.

Background: For many families, participation in youth soccer provides an opportunity to get to know people of diverse backgrounds, cultures, economic situations and beliefs. Through participation in this sport our youth and their families gain first hand understanding of diversity. However Incidents of discrimination and disrespect are on the rise in our youth soccer programming. Too often we find discrimination, racism, sexism, and elements of hate on our soccer fields; spaces where we should be promoting inclusivity and tolerance. We need to instill a sense of unity to combat this growing sense of intolerance and negativity in all participants of youth soccer - from the players, to the referees, to the parents and coaches. The youth soccer environment in Washington State is in need of a fundamental change.

Our goal at Washington Youth Soccer is to eradicate the negativity and build on our inherent diversity. That is why we are launching the Respect Campaign: a state-wide effort to reinstate Respect into all our programs at Washington Youth Soccer. This campaign is intended to cover a lot of ground by utilizing an array of mediums to drive the message of Respect to our membership. With your help we hope to enact a fundamental shift toward complete tolerance and respect amongst all in the youth soccer community.

If you can help us make a difference, or know of anybody who can, we would love to hear from you. Please email Terry Fisher at, with some background information on yourself, your position in the soccer community, and a cover letter describing your experiences and your hopes for making a change in our youth soccer environment. Thank you, we look forward to working together toward enacting change for the youth of our soccer community.



Washington Youth Soccer



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