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About Coaches

Welcome, Coaches! Here we cover all things related to player development, coach development and development of the game.

Washington Youth Soccer is unique because we run player-focused soccer, using our Long Term Player Development plan to guide our curriculum, programs and training at all ages and levels of the game.
We also place a strong focus on coaching education, working to provide more opportunities for coaching courses in more locations across the state each year. We offer coaching courses for all levels – from online certificate courses for U6-U12 coaches to the National C license.
Check our calendar for upcoming courses, and let us know if there is something you would like to see us add!

For the latest news from the Technical Department, click our news link to the left. If you have questions or feedback, please contact our Technical Department staff.
Document Description Post Date
US Youth Soccer KidSafe Program .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
Long Term Player Development .PDF Document Jan 16, 2012
US Youth Soccer Risk Management Overview .PDF Document Jan 12, 2012
Official 2011-2012 FIFA Futsal Rules .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
Basic Systems of Futsal Play .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
Futsal Goalkeeper Manual .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
Futsal Coaching Manual .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
The Role of the Futsal Coach .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
Washington Youth Soccer Adapted Futsal Rules .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
Futsal Event Guidelines .PDF Document Jan 10, 2012
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