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Regional Staff Instructor Application

Job Title: Regional Staff Instructor

Reporting Relationship: Regional Development Officer

Department: Technical Department  
Location of Job: Defined Region by Technical Director    
Brief Narrative Overview:

The Regional Staff Instructor works under the direction of Washington Youth Soccer’s Regional Development Officer and is responsible for the successful completion of all designated coaching and education courses. This includes successful delivery of a standardized curriculum including the professional instruction and mentoring at each course. Each staff instructor must complete all necessary documentation related to the course and submit all material to their Regional Development Officer. All Staff Instructors must complete a methodological workshop presented by each Regional Development Officer prior to being selected to instruct a course. All regional courses are coordinated by the relevant Regional Development Officer.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:  
Delivery and instruction of all standardized curriculum:    
  • Professional presentations and instruction of Washington Youth Soccer’s course curriculum.
  • Communication with Regional Development Officer and successful completion of all necessary documentation.
  • Work as a liaison between our courses and the Regional Development Officer.


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