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WYS Header 16 - Coaching Education

About Coaching Education

Bringing more soccer opportunities to our players, fostering a strong soccer community and creating better development environments for our players all mean supporting and growing coach development opportunities. 

Washington Youth Soccer has a coaching education program designed to meet our player development guidelines and the curriculum laid out by US Soccer – education opportunities range from the new volunteer coach just starting out to those pursuing the highest licensing in their field. 

The objective of Washington Youth Soccer’s Coaching Education programs are:
  • To develop our coaches knowledge and understanding of the game
  • To deliver world class coaching education materials and courses
  • To implement modern and relevant age appropriate training curriculums and initiatives to promote long term player development in our state 
  • To cultivate a culture of coaches whose foundation is built on best practices
  • To inspire coaches of all ages to continue their personal and professional development as educators of the game
  • To solidify a coaching education pathway where coaches can matriculate through our system
  • To monitor and evaluate our programs to ensure that we our providing the best service  and support possible to our membership

Please explore our coaching education resources to discover what opportunities await!
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