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Washington Youth Soccer Directory

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Welcome to the Washington Youth Soccer Directory – here you can find the local program near you and get started with soccer!  Our local organizations are structured geographically - first into 7 Districts, then into Associations and finally into local Clubs. Associations and Clubs work together to run soccer programs on the local level – if you want to play soccer, your first step is to find your local Club and contact them about the programs they offer.
You can search for our local organizations several ways here:

1) Click on the map to the right to get a list of
organizations by District

2) Conduct a specific search with the search bar
below by using either Zip Code, District name or
Association name

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District Information

PO Box 12691
Olympia, WA 98508

District Board Members:

Brian Cregg - Commissioner
Justin Pope 1st Alternate Commissioner
Chet Morrish - 2nd Alternate Commissioner
Rosendo Silva - Director of Competition
Nick Sapegin - Director of Development
Dawn Akerman - Secretary
Rachel Cregg Treasurer
Kurt Miyakate - DYSA Representative                 
Phil Spence - FYSA Representative                 
Travis Hoppe - GHYSA Representative               
Keith Neeley - LCYSA Representative               
Chet Morrish - TCYSA Representative                



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