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The 50/50 Blog: 2.11.14


A thing not to do


Mental note: Don't do this. Ever. Please be smarter than this Italian amateur soccer player.



Kendall Higgs


Kendall Higgs

Kendall Higgs, pictured right, a member of the Boca United organization's Under-16 Division girls' team, will get her first taste of international competition when she plays for the Region III team in the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program Regional International Tournament in Costa Rica from Feb. 13-20. Read more here.


Top EPL saves of the week



One of the best faces in soccer is the face of a player who gets utterly robbed by a great save. Check out these saves in the past weekend of EPL play.



First American player in Afghanistan



Nick Pugliese went somewhere that not many are willing to go in today's world. And in doing so, he ended up living out a soccer dream. Read more here.




Soccer West

SL Top 10

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