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The 50/50 Blog

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The 50/50 Blog: 1.13.14


Goal and Save of the Year Voting



The Goal and Save of the Year voting ends today at 12 p.m. CT! If you haven't voted make sure you get on this morning and help pick a winner. You can vote here: Winners for the 2013 Goal and Save of the Year will be announced at the US Youth Soccer Awards Gala in Philadelphia Friday, Jan. 17, and live via Twitter (@USYouthSoccer). ?#‎USYSAwards?


Oscar Pareja Returns to FC Dallas



Our office is right next to the FC Dallas parking lot so we stay in touch with a lot of the news. The biggest news coming out of FC Dallas is that they finally signed a new coach in Oscar Pareja. Read more here.



All 26 Called In


USMNT Training

Jurgen Klinsmann has decided to bring all 26 USMNT players to Brazil, where the team will train at Sao Paulo FC for 12 days as part of a "dry run" for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. See the roster here:



The American Flood Back To The MLS Continues



Michael Parkhurst is coming back to MLS, but not as a member of the New England Revolution. Read more about his return to the MLS here.




Soccer West

SL Top 10

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