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The 50/50 Blog: 9.27.13


Soccer Month

Today marks the end of the last full week of Youth Soccer Month. We hope everyone has enjoyed this month and focused on fun, family, friendship and fitness! Make sure you take time to enter for your last chance to win one of our great prizes.


Oh No!

Flamengo midfielder Elias misses this chance from one yard out. This is one of those moments that makes you hurt, laugh and hope this never happen to you on camera in the future!


Soccer Dogs

Soccer Dogs 
As a notorious frisbee fan, Zak was appalled to see that his dogs had a new balls! Here, Zak shows us a few tricks to do with a soccer ball to keep your dogs happy at the park!


Stadium we Love - The Float at Marina Bay

There are a lot of awesome stadiums and soccer fields around the world and this is one of our favorites. The world’s largest floating stadium, this has been the venue for the annual National Day Parade since 2007, and the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Singapore Youth Olympic Games 2010. It is fixed to the seabed by six pylons and can bear the total weight of 9,000 people. Leave a comment on the blog with which stadiums you like most around the world and why and we'll feature them in our blog!


MLS Powerhouses Collide

MLS games
This Sunday, four of the top teams in Major League Soccer collide in two huge marquee matchups. The New York Red Bulls (first place in the East) take on Seattle (first place in the West) while Portland looks to widen its gap over Western Conference rivals and defending champions LA Galaxy. Where does your team sit in the standings?


Soccer West

SL Top 10

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