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The 50/50 Blog: 10.17.13


Broomfield Blast

On Sept. 29, the Broomfield Blast '03 (U11) and '00 (U14) girls red teams became the first girls' teams in Broomfield Soccer Club history to win a statewide competitive competition, the US Youth Soccer President's Cup. Read More.


ESPN E:60: Sports Video Games History

Millions of people around the world enjoy playing EA Sports' FIFA video games. But how did the games get to be so realistic? ESPN's E:60 did a story on the evolution of sports video games, from the start with Pong in 1972 up to all the options we have today.


Kohl's American Cup

Did you know that the Kohl's American Cup is the largest recreational youth soccer tournament in the United States? The program was started in 2000 as an avenue to highlight recreational soccer players and promote fair play. Players receive equal opportunities and benefits within their level of play, with an emphasis on participation, rather than competition. See if there is an event coming close to you this Fall.


Sam Duarte

Sam Duarte
Sam Duarte is an 11-year-old from Colorado who is doing research on concussions. Learn more about the research and how Sam has shared it with Colorado Youth Soccer and even professional soccer player Pablo Mastoeni.

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