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About Select

Ages: 10-19

Select is designed to provide an opportunity for players to experience a more competitive level than Recreational. Select players are coached in technique and tactics to take the level upward and away from the recreational level, and repeated performance efforts are emphasized. Select leagues within Washington typically emphasize as much as possible, localized play with a lower overall travel requirement, and like versus like competition.

Select level players are often involved with other sports which can share priority over soccer. Select soccer still offers the player an avenue to play competitively but does not require the amount of training, games, tournaments, and travel, and cost as the most advanced levels of play.

The select player typically receives more advanced technical and tactical coaching instruction than a recreational player. Competition is encouraged and players will most often go through a tryout process to make a team. Teams are usually selected by the head coach and other evaluators. All Select coaches have access to Washington Youth Soccer coaching resources, development, and licenses.

While typically Select coaches are volunteers, they are often more experienced than recreational. Most clubs require their select coaches to at least hold Washington Youth Soccer "E" Licenses (or equivalents) and many clubs encourage their coaches to pursue at least the USSF "D" License (or equivalent).

Top performing Select players from a season often opt to tryout for Regional Club teams if it aligns with the individual player’s goals and family preference, and each season numerous Regional Club players make the choice to move to select teams for the exact same reasons.

WA Youth Soccer Sanctioned Select Level Leagues
For information about each select league including age groups, placement, and registration please visit the League’s website.
Serving teams in and near WA Youth Soccer District 3 (South Puget Sound)
Serving primarily teams in WA Youth Soccer Districts 1 and 2 (Seattle, Eastside, and North Counties) and Northwestern WA
For more information regarding this opportunity for your team and any additional questions, please contact your local select league listed above.
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