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WYS Header 16 - About Us

Washington Youth Soccer is a nonprofit organization bringing soccer opportunities at all levels of the game to kids ages 5-19 across the state. Our organization is comprised of 29 Member Associations and over 200 clubs that facilitate recreational, select and regional programs as well as TOPSoccer (soccer programming for players with disabilities). Additionally, we run four annual State Cup Tournaments, state level leagues, an Elite Player Development program, and several soccer outreach programs.
When you play Washington Youth Soccer, you are doing more than playing a sport; you are becoming a part of a soccer family with over 105,000 members across all parts of the state! You are choosing a soccer program that focuses on age-appropriate training and player-centric development – you are choosing a soccer program that will develop your player physically, mentally and emotionally.

Looking to get involved? Visit our Find a Local Soccer Program page to find a program near you and join our soccer family!

More About Our Player Development Philosophy and Pathway

Washington Youth Soccer’s Player Development philosophy and programs are guided by our Long Term Player Development Plan, which calls for creating training environments where the focus is on the development of our players, and not the short-term goal of winning. There are four main levels of play in Washington Youth Soccer, recreational, select, regional and the Elite Player Development (EPD) program. For more information on our levels of play and development, visit our Player Development page.

Our Mission

It is the mission of Washington Youth Soccer to foster the physical, mental and emotional growth and development of the State of Washington's youth through the sport of soccer at all levels of age and competition.

Stance on Social Equity

Washington Youth Soccer supports and pursues social diversity throughout our programs. We are committed to providing equal access to our programs for all of the youth of our state without bias towards race, color, religion, age, sex, income level, social status or national origin. In order to fulfill this commitment, Washington Youth Soccer expects all of our Member Associations, clubs and teams to provide equal access to all programs, facilities and resources to all of the youth within their geographic boundaries. Washington Youth Soccer believes that soccer is the game for all kids and that by striving to reach, develop and serve all of the diverse communities throughout our state we work to ensure that our belief becomes a reality.

Soccer West

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