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About Elite Player Development (EPD)

The Elite Player Development (EPD) program, presented by Chipotle, Virginia Mason and TEKK, is an umbrella program combining all of our current development curriculums as well as additional opportunities from our soccer community.
Comprised of nearly 430 extremely talented players, a highly qualified coaching staff and administrative team, the Elite Player Development program is designed as the training ground for Washington’s most elite youth soccer players. Our Elite Player Development coaching staff will strategically hand-select these elite youth soccer players and the best development opportunities possible to create a complete package that best suits our players’ needs.
Through the Elite Player Development program, we holistically develop players who will have the technical and tactical skills combined with the creativity to compete at the highest levels. The Washington Youth Soccer Elite Player Development program will develop male and female elite athletes 9-17 years old from all communities across our state.

**Tryouts, year calendar, costs, coaching staff, and selection process information for the 2015-2016 year will be posted by the week of June 23rd
2014-2015 Calendar

What are the goals and objectives of the Elite Player Development Program?

  • To create a precise learning environment for the education and progress of each and every selected player
  • To play a key role in supporting long-term development of our elite players from all communities across the state
  • To produce future collegiate and professional soccer players, from all backgrounds, capable of competing at the highest levels of the game
  • To create a world class learning and development program that shares the values and vision of U.S. Soccer, US Youth Soccer and Washington Youth Soccer
  • To sustain and constantly improve the program throughout the Elite Player Development structure that develops youth players so they realize their capabilities and full potential
  • To promote a positive culture emphasizing integrity, quality and honor on and off of the field


For more information about the program, contact Kim Calkins at


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